XI International Congress on Management of Amazonian and Latin American Wildlife
St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago, 17 - 22 August 2014
Best Practices
Best practices is a high-visibility and high impact segment of the Technical Programme which will allow for you to present hands-on demonstration, share lessons learnt and best practices from the field, and to provide an element of interactivity with peers. It is encouraged for best practices to be submitted alongside papers or notes. Best practices comprise 4 parts; extended abstract, video, still image and supplement, all of which are mandatory.

Submission deadline:
31 May 2014 - Extended to 15 July 2014
30 June 2014
Publication-Ready due:
31 July 2014

Best Practices
Previously published work will be accepted provided that the publication and presentation history is clearly outlined in the submission.

Part 1 Extended abstract - This should clearly describe the new, unique ideas of your project and should be self-contained so that readers who miss the demonstration or associated videos are able to gather a substantial amount of information. It should describe the problem addressed, justification for the new information, technique or system, relevance to the XICIMFAUNA conference, as well as a description of the target audience.

Part 2 Video - The video must be 5 minutes or less and must be small enough in size such that, when combined with all uploaded content (PDF's and image), totals to 100 MB or less. The resolution should be 720px x 480px with an aspect ratio of 16:9. It should be playable on both Macintosh computers and standard PCs, and the video should be encoded as an MP4 using the H.264 codec. Video editing software such as Final Cut Pro and iMovie has such features, however, a sure alternative to ensure you video meets requirements is to upload to YouTube and download the encoded result. A helpful tip is to encode your video using square pixels to avoid your movie looking stretched when projected. Selection:

Part 3 Image - A still image of dimensions 1500 x 1200 px representative of your work is required for conference and publications publicity.

Part 4 Supplement - This is a short description of the proposed experience for attendees which should be expressed in chronological order. It can be in the form of a storyboard sketch, photographs, illustrations or a short textual description. This will not be published, but used for the purposes of review and planning logistics (requirements for demonstration, field trips, animal housing).

Third party material and copyright
Please ensure that you have rights to use all material (photographs, music, video, etc.) used in your video. The responsibility of attaining these permissions lies with the author and not the XICIMFAUNA Congress. The use of Creative Commons content is encouraged.

Submission should be via the relevant Abstract Submission form and all files should total to 100 MB or less.

Accepted Best Practices will be archived in the Conference DVD and Digital Library and associated links between papers or notes will be identified.

Updated 20-Oct-2013