XI International Congress on Management of Amazonian and Latin American Wildlife
St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago, 17 - 22 August 2014
Full Papers
Call for participation
Submissions may either be invited, personal or volunteer. Please ensure that your submissions are made in ample time before the deadline. Extended abstracts, videos and other content accepted into the conference will be published in the XICIMFAUNA Digital Library. Instructions to authors on the submission of full, camera-ready papers are described below. Other forms in which material may be submitted can be found under the "Authors" drop down menu.

Submission deadline: 15 July 2014
Notification: 31 August 2014
Publication-Ready due: 20 September 2014

Full Papers
Material that is tailored to the objectives of XICIMFAUNA is welcome as well as topics that may be deemed as controversial and do not fit in neatly to the outlined goals of the Congress.  Publications will be archived as Extended Abstracts in the DVD and Digital Library.

The full paper should be 15 pages including references and an abstract of 300 words with a brief submission history and an optional 5 minute video figure. In the event that your paper may be longer than 15 pages you may choose to submit the paper in Parts...Part 1, 2 etc, each dealing with separate aspects.
Submitted papers will be discussed in on online discussion forum open to the XICIMFAUNA community as well as the authors who are encouraged to invite members to discuss and comment on their work. Contributions in the forum which are of significant impact such as engaging discussions and debates will be published alongside the camera-ready material. After the discussion sessions, a jury of experts will evaluate your work based on relevance, the nature of feedback on the forum, originality, creativity and potential interest it will generate. Submission should be in the Extended Abstract format.

English Review
In an effort to remove language barriers within the XICIMFAUNA community, particularly as this will be the first time the Congress will be held in an English speaking country, an English Review Service will be established. This is an editorial service conducted by volunteers which focus on grammar and clarity. In no way does this editorial service refer to the content of the submission and is not a consideration for its acceptance or rejection. The English Review Service does not alter the outlined camera-ready review process, and should you not receive any feedback from the English Review Service team, you must still complete submission before the deadline. Drafts of your paper should be sent in advance, between January 2014 and March 2014, to the email xicimfauna.abstracts@gmail.com with the phrase "XICIMFAUNA English Review" in the subject line to guarantee a quick response. Requests will be treated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Presenters have a 15 minute slot for their presentation which includes a question and answer session. At 12 minutes precisely presenters will be asked to stop in order for the next carded presenter to begin.

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