XI International Congress on Management of Amazonian and Latin American Wildlife
St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago, 17 - 22 August 2014
Travel to T&T

The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago comprises two islands at the southern-most end of the Caribbean archipelago. Trinidad – the larger of the two islands – is situated only 10 km from the east coast of Venezuela, and the richness of these islands' flora and fauna reflects its past linkage to the South American mainland. Trinidad and Tobago are only 32 km miles apart, linked by regular air services and daily ferries, but they’re quite different, so the experience is two destinations for the price of one.

Trinidad moves at a frenetic pace, from the driving, energetic rhythms of Carnival to a robust economy open for international business. It is the economic powerhouse with its oil and gas, its unique culture spawning dynamic creative industries and world-renowned festivals. In contrast, the more serene Tobago is the centre of the country’s tourism industry, with its coral reefs, wonderful clear water and sugary-white sand beaches, natural beauty and a charisma all of its own. Tobago is one of the few remaining Caribbean oases not overrun by tourism, with folk traditions that have stood the test of time.

The Conference Airline
The recommended airline for the conference is Copa Airlines; to learn more please visit: www.copa.com. Copa Airlines will be offering a significant discount for all persons coming from South and Central America to the XICIMFAUNA Conference in Trinidad. We recommend that, once your funding has been secured to attend the conference and you are sure of travel dates, you should proceed to make your booking online.

Conference Accommodation
Accommodation for the conference would be at Sir Arthur Lewis Hall of Residence of the UWI. This is a brand new facility with 21st Century Living and Communication facilities at very affordable rates for professionals and graduate students. This is a facility with rooms containing two beds and a bathroom and toilet to be shared, single rooms with its own toilet and bathroom facilities, single rooms with kitchenette and suites. The lowest rates would begin from about $40 US/night with a continental breakfast. There would also be a shuttle facility from the Hall of Residence to the UWI Campus and Conference Locations on at least the following times, am to the Campus, noon to and from the campus and pm after the conference sessions. This would be at no extra cost.

For information on visa and immunization requirements for travel to Trinidad and Tobago, please visit the official Trinidad and Tobago Travel and Tourism site at http://gotrinidadandtobago.com/travel-information.

Updated 20-Oct-2013